017As an adjunct faculty member at DePaul University, I designed and taught undergraduate courses on urban planning, public policy and transportation systems. I also served as a co-instructor for graduate study abroad courses on European Union/NATO (Brussels, Belgium) and urban transportation development (Curitiba, Brazil). Most recently, I have been working as a teaching assistant for the Planning Techniques course in GSAPP’s Urban Planning Master’s program. During my time at the Chaddick Institute, I was fortunate to be involved with an innovative program bringing urban planning curricula to high school students in Chicago. For several years I was part of the team that developed various programs aimed at empowering high school students by providing them with the tools and opportunities to participate in the planning process and create change in their neighborhoods.

I believe that an important aspect of doing social science research is communicating findings to various constituencies and that an academic’s responsibilities extend beyond the classroom or the peer reviewed journal. As such, I enjoy teaching generalized classes that introduce students to urban theory and history, with a focus on providing them with practical knowledge to understand and influence urban development. My teaching style involves the use of lectures complimented by field work and group projects that connect students with real world concerns and provide the opportunity to influence ongoing debates.

Courses Taught:

Planning Techniques (Teaching Assistant). Columbia University: Urban Planning Master’s Program

Daniel Burnham and Chicago Architecture. DePaul University: First Year Program.

Transportation Planning and Policy. DePaul University: Department of Public Policy.

Understanding the International Public Sector: European Union and NATO (study abroad in Brussels, Belgium). DePaul University: School of Public Service.

Curitiba, Sustainable Development and Transportation Innovation (study abroad in Curitiba, Brazil). DePaul University: School of Public Service.

General Lecture Topics:

Chicago Architecture                       Urban Development History and Policy

Transportation Policy                       Regional Planning

Statistics and Quantitative Research Methods